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I began this page in March 2008 to show off some customers' watches on their new straps. If you have a picture of a watch on one of my straps that you would like to see on this page, or if you have sent me a picture and I have forgotten to put it up, then please don't hesitate to contact me via my Contact Me page.

Copyright © David Boettcher 2005 - 2024 all rights reserved. Almost all of the words and pictures on this page are the copyright of my customers, please respect that and don't copy words or pictures without prior permission.

Hi David,

Many thanks for the watch strap. I took some photos before sending to my nephew in the States. It was his birthday yesterday and he was delighted. The Brandy coloured strap compliments the watch perfectly.

Many thanks

Karen. 21 December 2013.

Hi David,

I received the strap safe and sound on Saturday and I'm very happy with it. The quality is really excellent and it is very comfortable on the wrist.

Please find attached a picture of the strap on my Marconi trench watch (1916 import marks, sterling silver case). I'm sure you'll agree that it's a really good match!

Regards, Mark. 10 November 2013.

Mark has chosen for his Marconi watch a Type B double slot strap in tan morocco with a "Great War" sterling silver buckle. And I do agree with him, I think they look great together!

Dear David,

Many thanks for my vintage strap, please see attached jpg.
My watch is a 1920's 9ct, London hall marked, 15 jewels Swiss movement.
I'm really please with both the colour and the style of the strap.

Kindest Regards, Shaun. 9 November 2013.

Dear David,

Attached are before and after photos of my Omega 1944 and Omega 1917 military watches. It really is a high quality product, and thanks so much for the speedy delivery. Ah, but now my dilemma. Which one to wear today? They both look fabulous. My other half was very impressed, and now she's taken to advising me on the strap colour of my next purchase. More orders to follow...

Yours aye, Mark. 4 November 2013.

Hi David,

Watch strap received with thanks. Very happy with the quality and fits the watch and my wrist perfectly. A couple of pics as requested.

Best regards, John. 3 November 2013.

Hello David,

I received the strap it is excellent. Thank You.

I purchased it for a Very Rare Russian Sturmanskie watch, this type was possibly worn by Gagarin, during his historic flight.

Regards, Russ. 13 October 2013.

Hello David,

I have received the strap with sterling silver buckle for my 1919 IWC 18K trench 64 cal. watch today and I am very pleased with it! Your and mine conviction are very clearly the same: you make something either very good or you just don't make it at all....My compliments for the fine craftmanship overall. frgr Wouter, The Netherlands. 27 September 2013.

Dear David,

Please find attached a photograph of my trench watch with the superb type A (10mm) strap in the Chestnut Leather.

I am delighted with it and cannot wait until you have some more silver 10mm buckles in stock.

Many Thanks, Pauline. Gosport, Hampshire.

26 September 2013.

Dear David,

Received your package this morning. The watch strap is wonderful and fits both me and the watch perfectly. Your workmanship is second to none. The design is brilliantly thought out, and the side stitching is incredible. Also, the buckle is surprisingly attractive and in appropriate scale for the strap. Even the scent of the leather is outstanding. Total quality....all too rare these days. I thank you very much for your careful attention to such detail, and for helping me out.

I know I am really going to enjoy this! It looks terrific and I can't believe what a difference in comfort it makes to have a strap that actually fits my small wrist for a change. Am going to look around in my husband's watch box to see if there might be some other timepieces that would be enhanced by your designs.

Best regards, Laurel 7 September 2013

Thank you David.

Both straps arrived safely and I'm delighted with the look, design and workmanship.

Please see attached pictures of watches + straps.

A silver Mappin & Webb campaign - dated I think 1920's and a 18k gold Longines dated 1938.

Regards, Robert. 5 September 2013

Hi David

My strap arrived safely in Hong Kong and I have to say its beautiful!!! The chestnut colour looks great (just like the US russet) and is the perfect complement to the watch - a 1917 Waltham in a silver Fahys cushion-form case. Together they really have the wow factor. I wore my watch to the office today and several colleagues stopped me to ask about it.

I also like the way it looks on my thick chunky wrist. Its nice to have a strap that fits me properly. I will be back for more as a I add to my collection.

Here are a couple of photo's of my watch fitted on its strap.

Best regards, Alistair 5 September 2013

Hi David,

The strap sets my 1909 'Edwards of Glasgow' 18ct gold watch off a treat. Thank you,

Kind regards, David. 31 August 2013.


I wanted to show you a couple of photos of a strap I recently got from you. It looks just great with this 1916, 16J, double signed Omega in a Sterling Silver Fahys case . I couldn't imagine a better and more appropriate looking strap to go with this watch.

Jack, 24 July 2013.


Thank you so much for the strap and great letter! - I just got it, so time is reasonable.

The strap fit perfectly!

Thank you so much!!!!!

Alex, 23 July 2013.

Dear David

The straps arrived - really lovely - FANTASTIC.. Of course I wanted to use the style with the personalized silver buckle. Hence I rushed home, and as you suspected it fitted easily. I attach a few rushed pictures

Once again - SINCERELY thanks.

Kindest Regards, Adam, 15 July 2013.

Adam's watch is a Mappin "Campaign" with a Longines 13.34 movement in a silver case hallmarked London 1917. Adam has fitted it with one of the first straps with my replica sterling silver hallmarked "Great War" buckles, which looks very "period correct" and goes perfectly with the hallmarked silver case.

Hello, David !

All right. The strap finally arrived to me. Wonderful work ! I am very pleased !

Here are some photos of my watch on the new strap. My watch is a "russian" Moser & Cie., the WW1 period. The watch was purchased by me in France. Maybe they belonged to a russian officer and got along with him into exile after the Russian civil war (in the 20s and 30s, many Russian refugees settled in France).

Thank you very much !

Best regards, Sergey P. 15 July 2013.

(Sergey's watch strap was posted by airmail on 29 May and arrived in Moscow on 15 July, 47 days later. From Cheshire the distance is 2,027 miles, and 47 days is 1,128 hours so this works out to 1.8 mph - slower than walking pace. I suspect it was held up in Russian customs.)

Hi David,

The strap is great... what i mean is, the buckle really adds something!! I bet seeing your DBB makers mark for the first time must have felt good... the buckle really does look good.

Thanks again, Kind regards, Marc, 9 July 2013.

Marc's watch is a Borgel with an IWC calibre 64 movement in a silver case hallmarked London 1914. Marc has fitted it with one of the first straps with my replica sterling silver hallmarked "Great War" buckles, which looks very "period correct" and goes perfectly with the hallmarked silver case. Marc has posted more details about his watch on Watchuseek.

Hi David,

I got the watch straps this morning. I am very pleased with your work. They both look nice on this 1922's Swiss made Omega watch. I'll be wearing it with pride in Southern California using your British made straps.

Thanks again.

Mauricio F. G., San Diego, CA. USA. 6 July 2013


the strap arrived today -- it looks marvelous on the W.W.W.   

Thanks and regards,

Adam, 18 June 2013.

Received strap. Exceeded my expectations. It flatters my unmarked 9 carat gold trench watch with the 15 jewel Gallet movement. Many thanks and a photo is included.

Mark, 18 June 2013.

Hello David,

I've been meaning to send you a picture of my watch and strap for a long time, sorry for the delay. I've fitted it to my (so I am told) 1880's converted trench/pocketwatch, which I found not functioning, with no glass and only one hand. It took quite a bit of effort (and money) to get it working again and once this was done, I began looking for a suitable strap. I found your website and they were perfect, a labour of love. My watch is now complete and working once more, if only it could talk, the stories it could tell.

Many thanks!

Frank, 6 June 2013.

Thanks very much David for producing such a well crafted strap. At last my Marcks & Co watch can be worn with an exceptional level of comfort.

Thank you once again

Capt (Rtd) M. G., CGC, MC. 23 May 2013.

Hi David

my strap has arrived, I'm very pleased with it, Thanks so much

Will, 23 April 2013.

Will's watch is a nice early Rolex Oyster, lucky chap!.

Hi David,

I just got the band. I'm very impressed with it. Very nice leather, certainly comparable to Coach, even nicer than I expected. As you can see, it looks great on my wrist!

Yes, feel free to post a picture on your web site if you wish. The seller, a Londoner, told me it is a "Ladies' 1919 solid gold trench watch, 26 mm. diameter. Case is 9c. gold." I took it to a watchmaker who cleaned it, oiled it, and replaced a few worn parts. Now it is in mint condition and keeps excellent time.

Bev. 12 April 2013.

Dear David.

Just to let you know that the strap arrived safely and promptly. My Grandfather's watch now looks as it should have all these years, I shall wear it tonight for a "sortie", to the local restaurant rather than over the top in the Somme as my dear old Pop did.

I thought that you might enjoy this photo of the cognac strap with cognac. I prefer mine "Pale and Dry" from Delamain a beautiful delicate shade without the adulteration of added caramel which is perfectly legally used as a colorant by almost all cognac houses. Should you stray this way from chilly Macclesfield I would be happy to do further colour-matching with you, with a small sample of the liquid gold of course.

Thanks for all your help and best wishes.

Martin, 30 March 2013.

Thank you David.

Another superb strap which sets off my new addition (1919 IWC 64 Cal) perfectly. Again, the quality far exceeds any other strap I have purchased (for both my military 'trench' watches and dressier style like this) and the help and advice you have provided, made the whole experience a joy... Another happy customer.

Marc, 22 March 2013.

Hi David.....

Here is the watch I was buying the strap for.....

Michael, 22 March 2013.

Michael's watch is by Baumer & Mercier, Geneve.

Hi David,

Thanks for sending the strap as you promised. I attach a photo. Very pleased with it and our daughter even more so. I rather suspect you will be asked for a couple more straps in due course.

A great product and a better service!

Kind regards, Mark. 21 March 2013.


The watch strap I ordered yesterday arrived this morning. What amazing service! Many thanks. I have just fitted it to a silver Rolex dated 1918 and attach a couple of photographs. It looks superb. The watch has only recently been rediscovered, and though it still works, it does need a bit of loving care. Hopefully this will be achieved in the near future, to compliment the new strap. You have a fascinating website and a great product.

with kind regards, Crispin. 7 March 2013.


Thanks for the excellent service. The strap looks great and even smells nice! I like your website and find it most infomative. The section about un- named movements is interesting - but I did not find the movement inside my watch though.

Kind regards, Derek. 23 February 2013.

Hi David,

Thank you for sending the strap so quickly. Very easy to fit and extremely comfortable. It looks lovely on my 1927 Optima. Another success!

Very best wishes, Steve. 19 February 2013.

Hi David,

I have attached the picture of my watch with its new strap and as you can see its a perfect match and shows off the watch.

Regards, Alan. 16 February 2013.

Hi David,

I thought you would be interested to see the email below and the attached photograph from my dad.

Thanks again, Rachel. 11 February 2013.

Very pleased with the new strap for my WW2 RAF watch. Looks smart and is very comfortable.

Thanks again, Dad

Dear David,

I'm very pleased with the open-end strap I bought last month. I attach a couple of photos of the strap on a vintage Roamer. I've worn the watch a few times as I'm at Beamish Open-air Museum and I have been working with local schools re-enacting WW2 evacuations, so I have to dress appropriate to 1939. The watch (and strap) fit well with my costume.

Ian, 19 January 2012

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the watch straps, they look very great and are comfortable to wear too. I even can't choose wich one to wear every day. I also attached some photos.

Best regards, Miguel, 31 December 2012

Dear David,

Thank you very much for my new watch strap to go on my 1914 Silver Hallmarked trench watch. As you can see it is a fine addition and complements the watch really well.

Best regards, Jon C. 18 December 2012


I received the G-10 mkII strap today - it looks great with the vintage military British Timex. I've included a couple photos for you.

Cheers, Christopher. 3 December 2012

Hi David,

The strap arrived this morning and it's even better than I'd hoped. The sizing advice was spot on and the cognac colour is lovely - the picture on the website doesn't do it justice. Neither do the pictures I've sent of the watch on its new strap. I took them quickly this morning or I know I won't get round to it.....

You really have been incredibly helpful. When the watch first arrived it had a modern ladies band attached and I have to say I was disappointed. Now though, it looks as it should and I'm sure my husband will be delighted with it.

Many thanks for your help, Fran. 30 November 2012

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the lovely cognac strap that is now gracing my 1917 Marvin. It's a lovely colour and extremely comfortable. I think it sets the watch off brilliantly. I've had the watch about a month and just love it; the strap it came on was nice but this one is just beautiful.

Many thanks, Steve. 29 November 2012

Dear David,

Very pleased with new watch strap received this morning. The thicker strap looks great on my father's late 40's Roamer. I noticed you haven't got any oblong watches in your gallery so I've sent a pic of mine together with my everyday watch.

Regards, Ian. 27 November 2012

Hi David,

The watch strap arrived today, and I'm delighted with it. I think that it complements my WWW Omega superbly. Please find attached a couple of pictures. Unfortunately my lack of artistic ability and equipment doesn't do the strap justice. I shall definitely be in touch for future purchases.

Best Regards, Adrian. 16 November 2012


Thanks for the strap, quite delighted and have sent a photo of my watch attached. Am sure I will be ordering more!

Kind Regards, Ian. 3 October 2012

Hi David,

The strap arrived this morning, and I'm very pleased with it. It's on a "Chistopol" Komandirskie, which is a soviet-era military watch. This one dates from the early 1970s. The movement is a Vostok 2234 (18-jewel, hacking). The legend "3AKA3 MO CCCP" roughly translates to "By order of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR", meaning that this watch would have been available only through special military stores and wasn't for sale to the general public.

cheers, Daniel. September 26, 2012.

Hi David,

I received the strap today thank you. It looks fantastic and is exactly what I was after. I've attached a photo in case you want to include it on your website.

I did have some problems however fitting the strap. I'm not complaining, I'm really happy with the product, I just wanted to let you know in case other customers had the same problems. Basically on the issue G10 CWC watches the gap between the watch body and the pins is pretty narrow. The leather that the strap is made out of is quite deep. As such as I tried to thread the strap, the leather would jam and the two layers would separate up to the stitching. I sweated with this for about 20 minutes before tightly wrapping the end of the strap in tin foil. I could then thread the tin foil through the gap and pull the strap through. Now it looks great and is a nice snug fit.

Thanks again, Mike. 14 September 2012

Hi David,

Just to thank you for the watch strap which came through a few weeks ago. My watch has just come back from a service (and a new winding stem), so I thought I would send you some images in case they are useful. Thanks again - the strap really does do a first-class job finishing the look.

Duncan H., 27 August 2012


Attached you will see my 1919 Rolex trench watch with your strap. As a collector I am able to take this watch out of its case now and wear it. I have enjoyed this watch for its historical significance but have rarely worn it because it never looked quite right with the thin leather strap. Thank you very much for solving this issue with expert craftsmanship.

Best, Steven L. C., 4 September 2012

Hello David,

Attached, please find a couple of pictures of my Grandfathers 1962 Tudor on its new strap. I was given this watch as a gift from him on my very first Fathers Day. I enjoy wearing it daily, and receive many complements on the band and watch. You have truly out done yourself. Thanks Again,

Adam, August 14, 2012.


Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for the strap I bought from you for my 1920 gold Rolex.

Warm regards, Bob, 4 August 2012


The watch strap arrived today - I'm delighted with it. The 25mm width is perfect for the diminutive [29mm ] Rolex and the Brandy leather compliments the rose gold very well - it has become very wearable. The length is perfect ! A great strap, fascinating Website and excellent service - Thank you David.

Lindsay, 1 August 2012

Pictures: Rolex Art Deco Barrel Tonneau [ Australian Handley Case ] on David's Type A Bund 16mm strap.

Hello David,

The strap arrived safely today and I'm naturally very happy with it. I've attached 2 photos although it's much more modern than a trench watch so, may not fit in with what you like to show on your site. It's a 15 jewel, Jan. 1951 made Pobeda (Russian for Victory, the name was thought up by Stalin after WWII) watch produced in the 1st Moscow state watch factory. I would never have thought that a cheaply made mass produced soviet watch would keep such perfect time 61 years after it was manufactured. A very small watch but I like it for every day wear.

All the best Tony, 12 July 2012

A picture of a nice WW2 Timor WWW ATP (Watch, Wrist, Waterproof: Army Time Piece) on a leather NATO G10 strap arrived with the following note "really pleased thank you David - attached couple pix for you speak again I'm sure"

Peter in lancashire 10 July 2012

David, Recieved my strap yesterday. I love it. Thank you. (Been a long time since I smelled real leather - wonderful). Have attached a poor quality picture. Will endeavour to dig out the big camera and do better. Stunning combination and perfect size. Thank you again.

Rob L., 4 July 2012

David, received watch band last week - thx its everything you promised - very comfortable fit and I appreciate you accommodating my custom size. I've shown the watch & band (photos attached) to a jeweler friend of mine (he owns a gold Patek-Philippe trench watch) and he's jealous of how mine looks...I'll play with him for a week or two before I give him your contact but expect an email from him. thanks again - you do fine work.

Will H., 7 June 2012

Wow, received the strap this morning. Absolutely fantastic, anybody who is a fan of quality will love what you are doing. Thanks again David. I've attached a few pictures that you may use. I just had this watch serviced and authenticated, it's an early Heuer (1918 or so). The dial is original however it has been de-lumed.

Norm, 31 May 2012

Hi David, I received the strap today and I thank you very much for it, it's very nice. I join to this mail a picture (not very good but I'm not good photographer) with the two straps you made for me with their old watches on. Again, thank you. Best regards.

Thierry, 25 May 2012

Hey David, Really, really happy!!! Thanks

Paul 25 May 2012

Hi David, as promised here's a foto for your web site of my lovely 1913 IWC. The silver watch case is signed S&Co, for Stauffer &Co. The watch imovement is signed IWC under the dial and I am assured that the dial is original. Amazing to think that it is 99 years old. I wonder if it went to the Western Front?

regards, Alan 12 April 2012

Hi David, I've been wearing my new watch strap (type B in Cognac) for a couple of weeks now and I am delighted with it. It's well made and very comfortable. I don't have a vintage watch, but I still think it looks fantastic!

Regards, Andrew C., 13 May 2012

David, I've posted a few photos of my watch on your strap. The combination is perfect! I highly recommend the Moroccan leather for these very old wire lug watches, it's a very complementary vintage look and very comfortable to boot. Also very well pieced together, with excellent stitching and attention to detail.

This particular watch was internally a basket case when I found it gathering dust on a shelf; the no-name brass pin-lever movement had few jewels and was irreparably worn. But the case was in great shape aside from a little tarnish, and the crystal and dial were nearly perfect. Andy Wahl of Ohio Watch Repair in Cincinnati set aside the movement and replaced it with a quartz module, as it would have been very difficult to find a mechanical movement that would fit the original crown and case and hands. Andy did an outstanding job fitting the pieces back together and polishing the case. With the vintagewatchstraps strap it's a very comfortable all-day watch, and very easy to read (why don't they make dials like that any more?).

Regards, Steve H., Golden, Colorado. 5 April 2012

NB: Steve's strap is one of the last with the old tan morocco. For details of the new print, see the Pictures page.

David. I got the watch bands today and they are great! Thank you.

keith 12 March 2012

Hi David

Just received the strap and it's fantastic. I hope the picture does it justice. The watch dates from 1914 - 1917 due to its movement and paper face and is a Services Indian Army watch (all original parts). Apart from that I'm a little vague on its history (4 Great Grandfathers who served). I wore it yesterday and the response was excellent. We must do more to preserve our history.

Many thanks

Chris, 6 February 2012


The attached pictures show my watch on the strap you supplied. The watch would appear to be Swiss made for the English market in India where I believe my Grandfather bought it. Whilst not a Rolex it appears that Rolex liked the design and I believe bought the patent? Hope this helps.

Toby 5 February 2012

David's note: Toby's watch has a double case which is usually called a hermetic. This design of case was patented by Jean Finger in Switzerland and Frederick Gruen in the United States. You can read more about this on my page about waterproof watches by clicking on this link: Double Case.

Hi David, many thanks for the excellent strap which I purchased for my Grandfather's 1940's WWW Omega. It has just returned from a service and dial restoration and looks fabulous with its new strap.

Thanks again for the excellent service.

Kind regards,

Colin B. 29 January 2012


Thank you very much for sending my watch strap so quickly. I am extremely happy with it and am very glad I stumbled across your site.

I inherited my Rolex from my father, who in turn inherited it from his father. I'm not sure if he inherited it from his father or not. I've done a fair bit of research on the net and haven't come across one that's identical yet. As far as I can tell its circa 1919. My father had it mounted on a thin strap that I always thought was rather unbecoming so it wasnt until I saw your site that I saw another solution.

Many thanks again, Tom. 8 December 2011

Hello David,

Watch strap arrived on the weekend, which I am very happy with and is the sort of thing I was looking for. It fits the watch well and I am impressed on how soft the leather is. I have attached a couple of photographs which you are welcome to use although I don't think my Seiko will fit into the antique bracket for a number of years yet. One minor point is that the strap could probably do with a second leather loop to secure the excess strap however I suspect this is partially my fault for specify such a long strap. [David's note: Extra loops supplied FOC]

Thanks again Denzil: ps love the smell! 28 November 2011

Hey David,

Just thought i would send you a photo of your fantastic strap paired with my 1909 Waltham. The watch is a 15 jewel model 1907 movement, made in 1909. The "0" size case is a Fahy's Oresilver wire lug three-piece case. I would also say this case once had a shrapnel guard also, but unfortunately it is gone. There is another step next to the bezel with a mark to line up the guard.It measures 35.50 less crown by 42.75 lug to lug. The military crown I feel is original to this watch.

best regards, - Brian Parente 26 October 2011

Hi David,

This is one im happy with, its a 1944 Military issue W.W.W. Omega with 30T2 cal movement. The watch is in quite good nic... the dial is starting to show some age and a couple of bits have been touched up... but all in all.... Im really happy with it! The strap is another bonus.... i would like to thank David (Vintage Watch Straps) for the beautiful handmade nato that arrived at the weekend... very comfy and most importly to me, suits the watch perfectly! I would recommend these straps to anyone and will be buying a few more (may try a different style) for my ever growing military collection!

Marc Stephens 3 October 2011

Hi David,

Watchstrap received safe and sound. Fits perfectly - very pleased.

Many thanks James 19 August 2011

Hi David,

The strap I ordered from you arrived today, thank you for sending it so promptly. Although you explained much about the details and quality of the workmanship and leather, it is still much better than I expected. The watch now looks perfect on it, I could not really wear it before as a 12mm ladies strap was sending out the wrong message.

Best Regards Keith 3 June 2011 (No picture)

Dear David,

When I purchased my vintage watch it was not in working order and so I had it repaired. The next step was to find an appropriate strap. I did not have any luck at first but then found your web site and "voila" found exactly what I was looking for. The watch, now working, and with its new strap is perfect. Thank you for your swift and professional service. Please find attached two photos of my watch on its new strap.

Regards, David Brown 17 May 2011

Hi David,

many thanks the strap was waiting for me when I returned from work this afternoon, I have fitted it and it looks fantastic...with a bit of wear it will look absolutely period, many thanks for producing a fine piece of equipment.

regards and thanks, Steve... 5 March 2011

Hi David, here's my WWW on your leather G10, looking great!


Alan Hunt 23 January 2011


I attach two pics of my fathers old trench watch on it's beautiful new (cognac) strap. Like you, I could never wear it with the ridiculous ladies straps that were only available and I am delighted and grateful to have found your site with all it's information. I had been in so many watch shops I couldn't believe it when I googled 'trench watch straps' and there you were! The quality is great and I will be back for another before long as I am thinking of getting another old watch... Well done and thanks again,

Jamie Turner 20 January 2011

Dear David,

Thank you very much for the watch strap you sent me. I'm very happy with it.

The story of the watch I have is similar to the stories of thousands of watches of that period. This Longines with red 12 was manufactured in 1917-18. From what I know, in early 20th century, the company Pavel Bure imported Swiss movements (this one is probably one of them) to Russia. Cases were manufactured in Russia. As you could see from the pictures - the upper ring that holds crystal and back lid are polished and look original, though the mid part is dull and looks like it doesn't belong to this watch. When I got the watch, crystal was broken and hands and crown were missing. I took the watch to a watchmaker in Toronto for full restoration.

Now, the watch is completely restored with Breguet-style hands, original balance and spring (donor was found), original enamel white dial and compatible crown. May be it's not 100% authentic, but I like the way it looks.

The beautiful strap made by you perfectly fits this watch, and gives it a very distinguished look. I would give 10 out of 10 for your work.

Best regards,

Ilya Palchik 16 January 2011


attached are two photos for your website. My most recent purchase is the strap with the cut-bezel Illinois. The watch is a 1914, Os, Model 4 Illinois with 15 jewels and a Sterling Fahys case. The new strap really sets it off! The other photo shows the two straps I have purchased from you thus far. The watch with the plain bezel is a 1916, 13L, 15 jewel Abercrombie & Fitch (movement by A. Schild). The only marking on the case says "Digold Swiss." I love these two watches and wear them more than any other wristwatches in my collection. I think the bands are a perfect match for these two watches. Take care and hope you have a great Christmas.

Best regards, Bruce Stewart 21 December 2010

Hi David,

Thanks very much for the watch strap, great workmanship and I think it looks perfect on my silver half-hunter watch c1917, as sold by J C Vickery of Regent Street, London. Unfortunately, it's a recent purchase and I don't know the history behind it which I think would mean so much more.

Michael 11 May 10

Hi David,

Thanks for such a quick sale, it arrived today and looks absolutely great! It has given new life to my great-grandad's watch, which has just undergone some extensive servicing to get it running again. I'm not sure who produced the watch, the face looks quite similar to your 1918 rolex, but has a blue stone in the winder. The hallmark indicates it's silver, came through edinburgh and was made in 1927. The initials DS are also stamped inside but I haven't been able to find any definite information about this yet.

Thanks again,
Jamie 5 May 2010


Watch strap received and worn every day since. It has finally enabled me to wear the watch as it should be worn. I cannot thank you enough. It is an Omega 1924 18K gold watch, picture attached. No family history as I bought it from a jewellers about 10 years ago, but it has sat in a drawer for far too long. Now it will see daylight again.

Tom Cook 4 May 2010

Hi David,

please find enclosed some pictures of your/mine new strap together with my original and genuine Kriegsmarine(German War Navy, WW2)watch, type "Siegerin". Probably produced in 1940-1942.

Thx again, best
Juergen Huett
Saxonia/Germany 16/03/2010


Please find attached photographs of my WW1 Trench watch fitted with one of your type B straps and an original period shrapnel guard. I am very pleased with the result after fitting the new strap, it sets off the watch beautifully.

My watch had been sitting in a drawer for ages and I saw your website and decided to have the watch serviced and to treat it to a new strap and cover, the shrapnel guard was purchased off ebay and the watch was serviced by Mr Taylor of Reimans Jewellers in Burnley, Lancashire.

Keep up the quality and workmanship and I will be recommending you to my fellow members of World War One Society!!

Best regards
Scott Knowles
Unit coordinator
York and Lancaster Regiment
World War One Society 27/02/2010

Here is a quick image of the strap I recently ordered from you, fitted to my West End hermetic cased trench watch. While I'm well pleased with the quality of the strap, I do find it a bit long for my rather thin wrist. Do you have them made in a shorter length?
[The answer is yes, I can supply longer or shorter straps - David]
Dear David,
The straps arrived today, and I was first greeted, upon opening the envelope, with the rich smell of leather, then the straps! I proceeded to try them with my silver Omega, thusly: Both are great, and I am impressed by the quality of construction.
Hi David,
Many thanks for the wonderful watch strap that I received today. Nicely finished and smells so very nice. Finally a strap to do my watch justice. I have attached a photograph of the watch and the strap. Many thanks and I hope to be back for more.
Thomas Delighted with this David.
Many thanks.
I enclose a few photographs of the Strap fitted to my 1920 Stauffer, Son & Co wristwatch. It is a gold open faced case with side hinged plain rear cuvette and bezel cover. Snap front bezel with flat glass. Wire lugs for 12 mm leather strap. Hallmarked London 1920, imported 9/·375 carat. The case was made by Charles Nicolet (registered Oct 1881 at Chester Assay Office), watch importers & manufacturers for Stauffer, Son & Co. I purchased it at Ingliston Antique Fair Sep 1998, with its original strap which although in fair condition has limited my wearing of the watch. With its new strap it will get a lot more wear.
Ashley 31/12/2009
Ashley Ashley
Hello David,
I decided to email you yet another picture scan of my 1918 Elgin 7j This one is with your complete "Morocco Tan" 10 mm strap. I hope you will enjoy it!
Enjoy the rest of your work week!
Denis Diakonov 18/1/2010
Hello David,
I just received your strap. It is great! I liked the way my 'Elgin' looks on it! Attached is a picture of my 1917 Elgin 7j hunter nickel case on your morocco tan 10mm strap. I added one aditional metal ring to control the extra length...
Thanks a bunch!!!
Denis Diakonov
Dear David,
The watchband came today, much to my excitement...and I am very pleased indeed with the quality and design. I had a few bad moments trying to get the band through the wire took a bit of gentle prising to open them up sufficient to get the smaller band through them...but with only a bit of damage to the very end of the strap, it eventually went through.
Kevin 16/05/09
PS: Macclesfield, eh? Planet of the Silk People....
HiYa David
As promised, here's a couple of photos of my watch and strap. It's so comfortable that I forget I have it on. The watch is a 1916 Dimier Bro.s, silver Swiss trench watch and looks great on your 'type B' chestnut strap. The watch was lovingly cleaned and serviced by Mr. Taylor - professional horologist, Reimans jewellers, Burnley (highly recommended). For a watch that's 93 years old, it keeps great time and looks fantastic with it's new strap. When I purchase my second trench watch I'll be getting in touch with you again for one of your Sepia straps.
Once again, Many thanks David.
Jon : /
Jon 1 Jon 2

Hi David,

As you can see, the strap really sets the watch off, as indeed it does with the others you have sold me.

All best wishes,


Jim's watch is an Ingersoll, marked "Ingersoll Wrist" on the dial. I believe these were also known as Ingersoll Midget. Because this is a "top winder", that is, with the stem and crown at 12 o'clock, I have supplied Jim with a variant of the Type B without the notch on the side for the crown.

James Nicolson a (42K) James Nicolson b (41K)
Hi David,
Please find attached photographs showing my watch and it's new strap. This is a Silver Swiss Made Pin Set Wristwatch bought by my Grandfather in 1915, recently repaired and serviced by Ray Brown FBHI of "Time Repair Services". It was given to me 4 years ago by my father. It came to me with an ugly replacement winding crown, the "glass" had yellowed and it had been fitted with a narrow ladies style wrist strap. It would only run for a few minutes. I sent it for repair to a business in London, where it languished for a few years while they attempted to locate replacement parts. During that time I discovered Time Repair services on the Isle of Wight. Ray Brown did a superb job on the watch, making new parts as required and giving it a new lease of life with a 12 month guarantee! He specialises in the repair of the finest timepieces, old and new and provides a service difficult to find nowadays. This is the second watch he's repaired for me (the other being a very nice 1926 Silver Cushion shaped Zenith - with wire lugs), and so I can recommend him. The wire lugs on that watch take a strap of 20mm width so at present a conventional strap works very well.
Your straps are easily the best I've ever seen for this style of watch and as I'll only be wearing the watch on special occasions - high days and holidays, it should last for many years.
Kindest regards, Stewart Baillie.
Stewart Baillie 2 (21K) Stewart Baillie 3 (13K)
Hi David,
please find some pics attached - the new strap is a fraction short, but will be fine. As the watch is something slightly different due to the shrapnel guard, I was after a different strap compared to the one on the gold Elgin which is my day-to-day watch - I don't wear the other one that often due to the near-perfect lume which I think makes it a bit "hot", and it was just a pain swapping the strap over between the two watches on the times I wanted to use the other one. Regards, Steve.
Garlick elgin1 (16K) Garlick elgin2 (30K)
Garlick watch1 (18K) Garlick watch2 (18K)
Hi David,
I have recieved the straps. They are great! Finally I can wear the watch on my wrist. Attached some photos of my watch with the straps. Nice doing business with you. Regards
Poh TH
Poh TH 1 (40K) Poh TH 2 (38K) Hello David
I have received the new strap and it looks great. You will find a picture attached which you may publish on your website should you feel inclined to do so. Thanks again and best regards,
Peterson Trench Watch (23K)
Photos as promised, hope you like them as much as I do
Good luck, Mike.
Mechen (42K) Hello there,

thought I would send a pic of my watch to you with its new strap!!!!!

Many thanks again, Stephen

Hello again, forgot to say, I think the strap is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ardclocks1 (13K)
Hi David,
My strap arrived this morning, thanks for your prompt and efficient service! It looks great and matches my watch perfectly, it is also really comfortable to wear, and I love the smell of the new leather. See the attached picture, it's not the best quality but you see can how good your strap looks on my watch.
Thanks again, Best Regards, Marcus.
upton (40K)
A First World War era wrist compass belonging to Ralph Boreham on a custom made strap. WW1 Wrist Compass 007 (14K) WW1 Wrist Compass 004 (12K)
Dear David,
Please see attached photo of my watch on the strap you provided, I am so delighted I am considering buying another in black to fit another of my watches.
Best Regards, Pete Weston.
weston1 (29K) weston2 (24K)
Please find attached a couple of photos of the strap you sent me with my Zenith. The watch is quite rare in that it has the blue 24 hour track around the outside. The case was made from by George Stockwell of London in 1915 in imported silver. It never looked right on the thin ladies strap and as such I rarely wore it. Thanks once again for the fantastic strap.
Regards, Daniel Sinfield
sinfield2 (47K) sinfield1 (45K)
A Ferrero wristwatch belonging to Thomas Kreuger on a Type B chestnut strap. krueger (33K) A superb Rolex full-hunter wristwatch belonging to David Inglis on a Type B chestnut strap. inglis1 (31K) inglis2 (23K)
Two watches belonging to Jay IntrenUK. A Record Elin Rowe on Type A black and chestnut straps, and and a Longines on a black Type B strap. cust1 (22K) cust2 (21K) cust3 (16K)

If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch via my Contact Me page.

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