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Two Piece Open End and Closed End Straps

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Open Ended Strap
Open Ended Strap: Click to Enlarge.

Two piece straps fit onto the bars of a watch with spring bars or fixed bars, without the strap crossing the back of the watch case. They are the type of strap fitted to all watches with horns and bars rather than trench type watches with fixed wire lugs. They are usually made with closed ends, but can be made with open ends as shown in the image here to fit watches with fixed bars; bars that ar4e fixed to the horns on the case and can't be removed to fit a strap.

Two piece open end straps will fit any case with either fixed bars or spring bars. You can fit them yourself as shown in the image here, no special tools or techniques are required. The two strap pieces have open ends that wrap around the bars and are then fixed together with a metal ‘tin tab’, or they can be glued together if you prefer, or both if you are a ‘belt and braces’ type.

I can also supply two piece closed end straps. These are the type most often seen today. Obviously they are only suitable for watches with removable or spring bars.

In either case there is only a single thickness of leather between the bar and the case, the lining is not carried around the bit that wraps around the lugs; this cane be seen in the image. This can make possible fitting a strap if the bars are close to the case. However, it inevitably affects the durability of the strap because it is only one thickness of leather where it wraps around the bars. I don't recall getting any complaints about the ones that I have supplied, but I can't guarantee that they will last as long as my normal straps, especially if the lugs are curved not straight.

Update 13 January: Stock levels updated.

Please Read This First

If you are not familiar with my designs of vintage watch straps, please have a look at the page about My Designs of Vintage Watch Straps and read the details on this page before you place an order.

I don't keep any two piece straps in stock, they are all made to order. Please allow two to three weeks for your strap to be made. I can't ask the workshop to make just one strap, I have to feed my orders into production in batches and it takes a few days to get a batch together, and then things like holidays or sickness can intervene.

Two Piece Strap Details

Open ended straps
Two Piece Straight Open End Straps with Non‑Standard Leather Keepers

Straight: Two piece open end or closed end ‘straight’ (parallel sided) straps are available in widths from 8mm to 24mm in 2mm increments in any length and in your choice of leather colour.

Tapered: I can also supply two piece open end or closed end straps that taper from the watch lug to a narrower buckle, in watch lug widths from 24mm down to 8mm.

Taper sizes are: 24 → 18, 22 → 18, 20 → 16, 18 → 16 or 14, 16 → 14, 14 → 10, 12 → 8, 10 → 7, 8 → 7.

Keepers: Standard keepers are metal for straps in standard sizes: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm. Because of the difficulty of sourcing and stocking metal keepers in every possible size, unusual size straps (usually smaller widths) will be supplied with a straight leather keeper. If you specifically want a leather keeper, straight or angled like the one shown in the image, specify this in the notes box. If you specifically want a metal keeper in an unusual size, then please inquire about availability before ordering.


Because the overall length of the strap and watch combined is affected by the size of the watch I can't offer to make the strap the correct length for your wrist. The two sizes specified below are based on many years of experience and thousands of men's straps supplied. However, if you know that you have problems with "over the counter" straps, then read the notes about custom lengths.

The two pieces comprise a shorter "buckle" side and a longer "tail", which has the holes for the buckle pin.

If you usually find standard straps a bit long or short for your wrist and watch combination and you know by how much, e.g. 10mm, make a note of how much in the Notes box and I will adjust the standard size by that amount.

If you know how long you want the buckle side and the tail side, then put those measurements in the Notes box.

The tapered straps need special individual cutters and therefore can only be made in men's standard and extra long lengths. The standard length is again about 80/125mm and the XL 110/135mm.


Standard buckles in base metal are available in either silver or gold colour. These are the buckles that will be supplied with straps ordered from this page. I will generally try to supply a vintage style buckle, but buckle styles are restricted to what I can source so I don't have a wide choice available.

If your watch is fitted with a buckle that you would like to re-use, this is no problem; I have done this many times for customers. If the buckle uses spring bars we can simply leave off the standard buckle, but if it is an older type buckle that needs to be stitched in, you need to post the buckle to me and we will get it stitched into the strap as it is made. Email me for posting details. If you don't have a matching metal keeper loop, I can get the workshop to make a leather loop in the same leather as the strap.

If you have a vintage watch with a gold or silver case you might be interested in my hand made nine carat gold or sterling silver buckles, which is a custom made option at extra cost. Please bear in mind that these are replicas of Great War era buckles and are only suitable in style for watches from that era with fixed wire lug cases.

Contrast Stitching

If you want the stitching in a contrasting colour, please put this in the Notes box, e.g. "red stitching".

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Custom Made Items

Update 13 January: Stock levels updated.

I am always happy to take orders for custom made items provided you understand that there are limits to what I can do, and that they do take extra time to make.

I can't make just anything in leather, I need to have the tooling to cut out the parts. To understand this further see Cutter Limitations.

I can't ask the workshop to drop everything and make just one strap, that would be totally impractical and uneconomic, so I have to tag it on to one of my orders for a batch of straps. You may be lucky and place your order just as I am about to submit a batch order, or you may be unlucky and I have just received a batch, in which case your order will have to go in with the next batch. Because of this I ask you to allow two to three weeks to get a strap made, and then the usual postage time after this.

There is usually no extra charge for a custom made item, they are the same price as the nearest similar stock strap. For example, a Type B with a 14mm strap it is the same price as a stock Type B with a 12mm strap.

If you want to make a custom order, e.g. for a non-stock strap width or length, please email me with:

Once the details are established and I am confident that I can supply what you want I will send you a PayPal invoice to place the order. You don't need a PayPal account to settle this, you can checkout as a ‘guest’..

Please keep thing simple and just send me your actual wrist measurement, preferably in millimetres. The best way to take the measurement is to wrap a dressmaker's flexible tape measure around your wrist at the point you wear you watch and take a reading from this, or wrap a piece of string around your wrist and make a mark with a pen where it overlaps and then measure the distance between the two marks with a rule. Don't try to second guess me on this and give me a measurement that you think will work better. If you take a measurement from an existing strap it produces a different result.

You can get my email address from the Contact Me page.

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To Place an Order

To place an order please select your requirements from the drop down lists in the Order Section below and clicking the PayPal button.

You will then be taken to the PayPal web site. You will need to return to this page to choose more straps, or to add postage to the shopping cart. If you are using a tabbed browser you will probably find that the PayPal page opens in a new tab and that you can just select the tab for this page to return to where you were. If not, choose the "Continue Shopping" option on the PayPal page to return to this page.

You can use the "View Cart" button to review your selections at any time, and make your purchase. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to email me.

Worldwide Delivery

I am based in Cheshire, England, but I am happy to take orders from anywhere in the world, and I have many satisfied customers all over the world.

Postage and Packaging Costs

The cost of packaging and postage (p&p) is not included in the price of the straps. I make a single charge for p&p, no matter how many straps you order. The current p&p charges are shown underneath each set of ordering buttons.

Unfortunately PayPal is unable to calculate the correct postage so it needs to be added as a separate item. Please make sure you add one lot of p&p to your order. Please try to add this to your order (to your PayPal shopping cart) before checking out, because PayPal makes a charge for each separate transaction in addition to charging a percentage of the total, so if you pay for p&p separately the charges work out expensive for me.

Delivery Times

Standard delivery in the UK is by Royal Mail First Class, which usually takes one to two days.

Overseas shipping is by standard airmail, which takes a few days in Europe, but longer outside Europe because it is subject to incoming customs examination.

Items sent to the USA usually fly out from Manchester on same day that I post them, and are delivered overnight to the mail centre at JFK airport. Delivery to their US destination can then take between seven days and two weeks, and sometimes even longer to the West Coast. I think the major delay is the requirement for examination by US customs. Delivery times to other worldwide destinations such as Canada, Australia and Hong Kong are similar.

I don't recommend using a tracked postal service because international tracked services are very expensive, and often slower than standard airmail. I have posted a lot of these packages over the years and problems with the standard airmail service are extremely rare. The biggest problem I ever had was with a tracked item to the USA. The customer wanted it for a Christmas present and ordered it on 10 December with a priority tracked service. A few days later we could both see that it was at the Kennedy mail centre at JFK airport in New York, presumably waiting for customs clearance. It remained there until the end of February, the tracking showed exactly where it was and neither of us could do anything about it.

Delivery in the Russian Federation can be very slow. The last time I used standard airmail to Moscow the 2,027 miles journey took 47 days, which is 1,128 hours and works out at 1.8 mph - I can walk faster than that! The customer was not very happy. Tracked deliveries to the Russian Federation are prohibitively expensive and anyway would not help, because no plane flies at 1.8 miles per hour so I am sure that the delay was entirely due to customs, so at the moment I don't deliver to the Russian Federation.

Delivery to South Africa can take six weeks or more. I am sure that the delays are entirely due to customs so using a tracked service would not speed things up, but to give assurance as to where the package is, deliveries to South Africa must be by a tracked service. Please inquire for prices before placing an order.


I insure shipments myself so you don't need to worry about it getting lost in the post. This does require a reliable delivery address so I will only send to a postal address confirmed by PayPal.

How to Pay

You can pay on line by PayPal using a credit or debit card. You are not charged for payments by PayPal, the merchant (that's me in this case) pay all the fees.

I can take payment in any currency, dollars, yen, whatever you like, PayPal handles the currency conversion. Just simply follow the instructions and you will be charged in your preferred currency.

You can pay securely on line by PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account, just look for the option to "Check Out as a Guest" or similar.

You can also pay by cheque in £GBP Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank. If you want to pay by cheque, just let me know and I will send you an order form.

Please don't forget to add postage and packing / packaging and shipping (p&p) to your order!

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Order Two Piece Open End or Closed End Straps

Update 13 January: Stock levels updated.

The order form below allows you to place an order for either a straight open ended strap or closed ended two piece strap with a standard base metal buckle in either silver or gold colour. Please make sure you have read the details above so that you know what you will be getting. Allow two to three weeks for your strap to be made. I can't ask the workshop to make just one strap, I have to feed orders through in batches and it takes a few days to get a batch together.

Remember that these straps are specially made to order and therefore cannot be returned. Check that the details are correct, especially the lengths of the two parts, before you proceed with the order. Don't assume! It only takes a moment to check.

NB: Please remember that postage and packing must be added to your PayPal cart as a separate item.

Leather Colour
Type and Ends
Width (mm)
Buckle Colour

Postage and packing / shipping and handling

UK Post
First Class

Standard Airmail
within Europe


Please add one lot of p&p to your cart before you checkout. I don't recommend a tracked service for reasons explained here.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me via my Contact Me page. Back to the top of the page.

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