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Vacheron Constantin

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Vacheron Constantin

A watch making firm was founded in Geneva in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron. He was clearly talented as a watch maker, and within 15 years of founding the company Vacheron was making watches with "complications". In 1779 Vacheron produced their first watches with engine turned dials - metal dials with fine patterns cut into them by special machines, sometimes called "rose engines".

In 1819 Jaques-Barthélemy, grandson of Jean-Marc Vacheron, formed a partnership with François Constantin. The company was called "Vacheron et Constantin". François Constantin was responsible for introducing the company's products to new markets and he travelled widely.

On 5 July 1819 François wrote a letter from Turin to Jaques Barthélémy Vacheron containing a phrase that was to become the company's motto: "Faire mieux si possible, ce qui est toujours possible" (Do better if possible, which is always possible).

Possibly the greatest contribution made by Vacheron Constantin to the wider Swiss watchmaking industry was their hiring of Georges-Auguste Leschot as production engineer in 1839.

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